Gedicht: The Plum

Poem – The Plum

You can learn that you cannot be loved by all people
You can be the finest PLUM in the world,plum-banana-kiwi-ribes
And offer yourself to all.
However you must remember there will always be people who do not like plums.
You can learn to understand that if you are the world’s finest plum,
And someone you like does not like plums
You have a choice of becoming a banana.
However, you need to be warned that if you choose to become a banana,
You will be a second-rate banana,
However, you can always be the best plum.
You need to understand that if you choose to be a second-rate banana,
There will always be people, who do not like bananas,
Furthermore, you can spend your life trying to become the best banana (which is impossible if you are a plum),
Or: You can seek again to be the

Dit gedicht werd ons voorgedragen op 30 september 2013 door Matthew Thie tijdens de afsluiting van onze 7 daagse Touch for Health Instructors training.

10 mei 2015

Inge Burgerhof
Praktijk & Cursuscentrum voor kinesiologie en bewustzijnscoaching

Duizendblad 11
4102 KP Culemborg



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